The Moving Dairies

First let me apologize for the lack of posting – turns out selling a house, finding a new house, packing up the old house, unpacking in the new house, while also making sure boys are still fed, bathed, and keeping up with regularly scheduled bedtimes is A LOT of work.

I can’t believe it’s been a month and a half since our move. This move has been like no other so let me catch some of you up on the craziness of it all. Taking you back to this past spring, Vance and I are sitting in the garage tending to our very slow garage sale and he said to me, “You know what we should do? We should move to Chicago.”

I said, “sure, let’s do it.” that was the end of that conversation.

Now to July 4th weekend. We headed up to Chicago to visit my brother and Vance told me that his boss wanted him to stop by the office for a little chat while in town – Vance happily obliged. The “chat” was regarding a new managment position. The new manager would be responsible for a new product line and would have to be in Chicago. Vance said he would entertain the idea and stressed that it would need to happen expeditiously because we have Ethan – first day of kindergarten in Cumming, August 9th, exactly 1 month and 5 days away.

August 1st, still no news – school starts in 8 days. The plan was to carry on – we would stay in Cumming, Ethan would start kindergarten in 8 days.

August 3rd, big news – Chicago is a go! New job starts October 1st. What do we do?! Do we start Ethan in kindergarten in Cumming then pull him out of school for the move, or do we rush and get up north to start the first day of Kindergarten there – first day August 25 – 3 weeks and 1 day away. Can we sell the house, find a new house and be ready for kindergarten in 3 weeks?  I love a good challenge – lets do it! 

August 14th – date set for the move.  The boys and I would head up north first.   This gave me 1 1/2 weeks to find a house and get Ethan registered for kindergarten.  Lined up my 28 year old cousin, Jenny.  She would help watch the boys during the drive and while in Chicago so I can shop for a house in peace .   

August 13th – the day before the move.  I got a horrific phone call.  An unforeseen family tragedy occurred.  Our world was turned upside down – my cousin, Jenny, lossed her 18th month old sister, needless to say she would not be able to go with me.  The loss of a loved one is the most devasting heartbreak one can ever endure but to loose someone so young it was almost unbearable. A late night of phone calls and crying. 

August 14th – obviously grieving, obivously not moving.  Kindergarten starting in 11 days and an 11 hour drive ahead of me and now no one to help, what am I suppose to do?  Candice to the rescue.  She nannied the boys for me last summer – problem: she has since moved to CA.  My phone call to her went something like this:”Um…hey Candice.  I know school starts in a couple weeks for you.  Can you drop everything you’re doing and and fly to Atlanta tomorrow to help me with the drive to Chicago then stay a week so I can house hunt?  I promise to get you back to CA for your first day of school.” 

August 16th A.M.- loaded up the car with the boys and a 2 week supply of clothes.  Vance will follow in 2 weeks with the rest of our clothes.  House hasn’t sold yet, so we will keep it furnished until the sell. 

August 16th P.M. – arrived in Tennessee to give proper condolences to my uncle and his family. 

August 17th – on the road to Chicago, only 9 hours left to go.

August 18th – ready to hit the pavement house hunting (for a rental).  Found a great realtor and decided to concentrate on the town of Glen Ellyn.  Rental inventory horrible!! 

August 19th – day 2 of house hunting.  5 days left before kindergarten and need to find a house (an address) before I can register Ethan.  Good news – we got an offer on the house!  Bad news – a very low offer!  Good news – we countered!  Bad news – they re-countered!  Good news – house officially under contract.  Bad news – Vance has 2 weeks to pack up an almost 3000 sq. ft. house BY HIMSELF.   

August 20th – 3rd day of house hunting.  Yay!  Found a cute little Cape Cod on a fantastic street in a fantastic school district.  Things were starting to come together.  One catch –  house not ready for move-in until September 8th – 2 weeks in a hotel, but I only have 2 weeks of clothes and I’ve already been here a week!

August 23rd – Vance flew in from Atlanta -work in Chicago for a week.  Thank goodness he brought us more clothes, but that totally cut into his packing time, now he only had 1 week to pack up the house.  

August 25th – We did it!  The big day finally arrived – the first day of kindergarten and Ethan was there!!!!  Easy sailing from here, well at least for me. 

September 5th – Vance got a 22 foot U-haul (a do-it-yourself kinda guy opted to decline to have the company move us and rather took the cash equivalent instead).  Panicked phone calls came from Vance every couple of hours, “Nong, all this will NOT fit!!  What can you get rid of.”  Many online sales and Goodwill trips later and still TOO MUCH STUFF!!!  Vance back to U-haul and got a trailer hitch for the moving truck!  Filled up the 8 foot trailer and still TOO MUCH STUFF!!!

September 6th – Vance on the road with a garage full of things left behind. 

September 8th – move in day.  While Vance may be a do-it-yourself kind guy, I’m more of a “who can I pay to do that?”  kinda girl and was not about to unload 30 feet worth of crap house.  I found a local moving company, paid $300 and truck unloaded in less than 2 hours and I didn’t have to break a sweat.

September 18th – house closing in 5 days, Vance flew back to Atlanta for the rest of our things and managed to once again do the 11 hour road trip back.

September 23rd – did the happy dance!!!  Closed on house.

October 2nd – celebrated fall with a trip to the apple orchard and pumpkin farm, life in the north is FANTASTIC!! We have met wonderful people, have wonderful neighbors and the highlight of it all is that I have managed to keep my sanity and that the boys are loving their new “life.”

More soon…and since no post is complete without a picture, a quick snap shot of the boys from the pick-your-own pumpkin farm this past weekend.


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