all done. What a great feeling. These pictures are long over-due, so thanks for being patient.

A few weeks ago we headed up to West Virgina to visit Vance’s Mama. We had a great visit; a little “family reunion” of sorts. Vance’s mom and two brothers also made the drive there. Owen made his debut to several aunts and uncles and Ethan had a great time playing with his two older cousins and his “four-legged” cousins as well.

While there Vance’s “Favorite” Aunt also celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary. Of course I was put to work…loved it!

On our way back home we stopped in Asheville, NC for the night and decided to take the scenic road home. Though a beautiful winding road through the mountains, it’s definitely not the route you take when you’re the one that gets carsick and you’re stuck in the back seat taking care of two small children.

For some reason when we take long road trips, Vance and I always feel the need to stop at Cracker Barrel for a meal. So needless to say this long road trip was no different from any other. When are stomachs started rumbling and our legs needed to stretch, we found ourselves stopping at Craker Barrel for a bite.

Aaaah…Sweet Tea!

Of course, when there I always get pulled into playing this game. Here, Ethan is taking a stab at it.

And my honest result…2 left. I think it says, I’m “purdy smart.”

Vance’s grandparents’ house. From my understanding Vance’s Papa built this home himself way back in the day. This house has seen many Thanksgiving Dinners and apple pies.

The morning after we arrived Ethan was beyond ecstatic to see his older cousins.

Sweet Cousin Makaila

Awesome Cousin Zach

…and cousins of the furry kind…

Meet Gracie…

and the one and only, Jack

Spending a lazy afternoon outside. If you ever find yourself in a toy store, these balloon rockets are a “blast.” Grab yourself a bag or two. It’ll keep the kiddies entertained for hours.

Owen enjoying himself with his Uncle Joby

Cavender Grandkids

Ethan blowing bubbles with Aunt Doris

Visited MaMa at her new place

The Cavender Boys…

Eating out in Asheville, NC…love that city.

Stopped at the Nanthahala River on the way back home.

It’s not very often that I make it to this side of the camera, but here I am with my two boys!

Slideshow from the 50th Anniversary can be viewed by clicking on “Linda And Warren” under Slideshow.

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